Cloth Napkins

Got to spend Christmas visiting my sisters in San Francisco. I now understand holiday travel stress. Aside from spending one Christmas in Germany, I have never had to travel a long distance during the holiday season. I am usually a lightweight traveler, a less is more, don't take too much stuff kind of a gal.

Anyway, back to the original reason of this post. I like to give my sisters handmade gifts if possible. The idea of making them cloth napkins came pretty late in the game, but I figured I could probably get them done fairly quickly. I was a little frantic getting the second set done before I left. Nothing like sewing when you should be packing!

ArtPrize Count Down - days 16-15

It has been a family filled week leading up to my sister's wedding this coming Saturday. My cousin Angie lives on her sailboat in Richmond and we got to help sail her boat across the bay to Coyote Point. Sailed by Alcatraz, Angel Island, Treasure Island and got to sail under the Bay Bridge. Took the BART back to the city. Got a lot of stitching done during the sail and on the BART ride back to the city!